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The 10 BEST Hotels in Essaouira for 2024

Discover the Best Hotels in Essaouira

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Planning a trip to Essaouira in 2024? Whether you’re seeking luxury, a beachside retreat, or a charming riad in the heart of the medina, Essaouira has the perfect hotel for every taste. Here’s our curated list of the 10 BEST Hotels in Essaouira for 2024, each offering unique experiences and amenities for a memorable stay.

Best for Luxury and Seclusion

Nestled on the Gary Player Golf Course near Diabat, Sofitel Essaouira Mogador Golf & Spa offers an opulent escape with its stylish villas and suites. The hotel features two swimming pools, a wellness center, and a selection of restaurants and bars. Each room comes with a terrace offering stunning views of the golf course or the sea.

Best for Location and Views

Located in a 19th-century riad, Heure Bleue Palais is the only riad in Essaouira with a heated rooftop pool. Enjoy panoramic views of the medina and the ocean from the terrace. The hotel offers spacious rooms with marble bathrooms and Italian showers, a courtyard patio for dining, and a cozy English Lounge bar.

Best for Beachfront Luxury

Situated right on the seafront, Hotel Le Médina is a stone’s throw from the beach and a short walk to the port. This luxury hotel boasts a large outdoor pool, spa facilities, and multiple dining options. Rooms are modern, air-conditioned, and feature balconies with sea views.

Best for Affordable Historical Charm

Riad Dar L’Qdima offers an authentic Moroccan experience in a restored Jewish house. Located within the medina, this charming riad features basic but comfortable rooms at an affordable rate. Enjoy rooftop yoga classes, Moroccan cooking classes, and a tranquil atmosphere.

Best for Boutique Style and Quirkiness

Salut Maroc! is a vibrant boutique hotel set in an 18th-century riad on the edge of the medina. Each room is uniquely decorated with Moroccan art, and the hotel offers stunning Atlantic views from its rooftop terrace. Guests can enjoy locally sourced seafood and cocktails in the Terrace Restaurant.

Best for Tranquil Medina Retreat

Villa Maroc combines four traditional riads into a serene oasis overlooking the Atlantic. Renowned for its personalized service and exquisite Moroccan dining, this hotel is perfect for those seeking a peaceful retreat in the heart of the medina. Guests can also access the sister hotel, Les Jardins de Villa Maroc, for poolside relaxation

Best for Value and Breakfast Views

Palais des remparts Essaouira Hotel

Situated next to the ramparts, Palais Des Remparts offers airy rooms with beautiful views of the Atlantic. The highlight is the rooftop breakfast, providing panoramic views of Essaouira. This riad is perfect for exploring the medina and offers great value for its location and amenities.

Best for Opulence and Service

Villa Quieta is a beachfront hotel known for its luxurious decor and exceptional service. Guests can enjoy spacious rooms, a magnificent swimming pool, and a short walk along the corniche to the medina. This hotel is perfect for those seeking both beachside relaxation and cultural exploration.

Best for Countryside Serenity

Located in the peaceful countryside, Hôtel Domaine de L’Arganeraie offers a relaxing escape with its spacious riads set amidst argan trees and colorful gardens. The hotel features a large heated pool and offers day passes for non-guests. Rooms are minimalist yet comfortable, perfect for a quiet retreat.

Best for Luxury Countryside Getaway

Les Jardins de Villa Maroc is a boutique resort 10km from Essaouira, offering stylish eco-domes, a heated pool, and a serene environment. This hidden gem is perfect for disconnecting from the hustle and bustle, with a day pass available for pool access and dining.

Tips for Selecting the BEST Hotels in Essaouira

  • Avoid Noise: Hotels near the ramparts and Taros can be noisy due to music from nearby bars and restaurants. Consider earplugs or choose a quieter location.
  • Call to Prayer: Be aware that staying near mosques means you'll hear the call to prayer at sunrise.
  • Stairs: Many riads have narrow stairs with the best views on higher floors. Lifts are rare.
  • Breakfast: Don't limit your choices to hotels offering breakfast; many local restaurants serve morning meals.
  • Tourist Tax: Be prepared to pay a government tourist tax directly to your accommodation.


Essaouira’s diverse range of hotels ensures that every traveler can find the perfect place to stay. From luxurious resorts to charming riads, each hotel offers a unique experience in this beautiful Moroccan port town. Book your stay in advance, especially during high season, to ensure a delightful and unforgettable trip.

Ready to explore Essaouira? Book your stay at one of these top hotels and experience the charm and beauty of this Moroccan gem. Click here to secure your spot and start planning your perfect Essaouira getaway!

Frequently Asked Quetsion

about Free Things to Do in Essaouira 2024

The best luxury hotels in Essaouira include Sofitel Essaouira Mogador Golf & Spa, Heure Bleue Palais, and Hotel Le Médina Essaouira Thalassa. These hotels offer top-notch amenities, stunning views, and exceptional service.

Yes, there are several affordable hotels in Essaouira. Riad Dar L’Qdima is a great option for budget travelers, offering historical charm and basic amenities at a reasonable price.

For a beachside stay, consider Hotel Le Médina Essaouira Thalassa and Villa Quieta. Both hotels are located on the seafront and offer easy access to the beach along with excellent amenities.

Salut Maroc! is a vibrant boutique hotel known for its unique decor and stunning Atlantic views from the rooftop terrace. It’s perfect for those looking for a stylish and quirky stay.

Yes, Heure Bleue Palais is the only riad in Essaouira with a heated rooftop pool, offering panoramic views of the medina and the ocean.

When booking a hotel in Essaouira, consider factors like location, noise levels, proximity to mosques (due to the call to prayer), availability of breakfast, and the presence of narrow stairs in traditional riads. Also, be aware of the government tourist tax.

Yes, several hotels in Essaouira offer spa facilities, including Sofitel Essaouira Mogador Golf & Spa and Hotel Le Médina Essaouira Thalassa. These hotels provide various wellness treatments for a relaxing stay.

Hôtel Domaine de L’Arganeraie and Les Jardins de Villa Maroc are excellent choices for a quiet countryside retreat. These hotels offer serene environments and beautiful natural surroundings.

Yes, Riad Dar L’Qdima offers rooftop yoga classes and Moroccan cooking classes, providing guests with engaging activities during their stay.

It’s advisable to book your hotel in Essaouira well in advance, especially during high season, to ensure availability and secure the best rates.